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Cosmic Hero

This is a vertical scrolling space shooter. Work began in March 2014, but I only worked on it sporadically for the next few months.  I finally released an initial version on Android only, in August 2014, but was not fully satisfied with the quality of my work, especially the artwork.  With the help of my friend Waseem Bashar, a professional graphics artist, we did a huge overhaul of the app, and released a new version for both Android and iOS in September 2014.

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Snakes and Ladders Ultimate

This app was released in February 2014, based on a promise to my daughter that I would make her a Snakes and Ladders game.  It gives you the option to play a normal game of the classic Snakes and Ladders board game, as well as a “reversed” mode where snakes make you go up and ladders make you go down.  In addition, an option for a random mode exists, which flips between the two methods at random intervals. Later I added another option to include a “lifeline”, i.e. a potion, which you can use once per game to prevent yourself from going down a snake. This added a strategy component to an otherwise random-chance game.

This was the first game of mine that I can actually call a “success”.  It went #1 in the UK and the Philippines under the category “Free iPad Dice Games”, and stayed in the #1 and #2 position in the UK throughout the month of August 2014 (source: Distimo).

The Windows Phone version was published a year later, in March 2015.

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Quick Strike Math

This was an educational game that was published in January 2014, a couple of weeks after Poker Nerd.  It teaches basic math with multiple choice and keyboard entry questions.  I experimented with particle effects such as fireworks and lightning.

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Poker Nerd

Poker Nerd consists of a couple of simple poker-based games and a couple of utilities for people new to the rules of Texas Hold ‘Em Poker. This was the first app I released, at the start of the new year in 2014.

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