In June 2017 I decided to revive a non-working Sony Playstation 2 into a “Frankenstein” Playstation containing a Raspberry Pi Zero W micro-computer. This modified PS2 runs the classic console systems (NES, SNES, Sega Master System, Sega Genesis, etc.) with RetroPie software. I’ve tried to keep as much of the PS2 hardware as possible. Features include:

  • Allowing you to play on your old tube TV with the Sony proprietary A/V cable (composite out only), just like old days
  • Two USB ports at the front for controllers, keyboards and USB hubs (wireless controllers supported with Bluetooth)
  • A functioning PS2 power LED as well as reset/power combo switch
  • Viewing the Pi Zero W and its status light from inside the PS2’s CD tray

On Reddit, my post about this design reached the top of the Raspberry Pi sub-reddit for the duration of the weekend in which it was posted (see link above).